Book Fair

    SPRING BOOK FAIR 2020 with Scholastic!
    Friday, February 14th through Friday, February 21st! 
    HOURS: Friday, Feb. 14th:           8:30 - 3:00
                  Tuesday, Feb 18th:        8:30 - 4:00
                  Wednesday, Feb. 19th:  8:30 - 4:00
                  Thursday, Feb. 20th:      8:30 - 6:30
                  Friday, Feb. 21st:           8:30 - 1:00
    If you'd like to volunteer to work the book fair please sign up at: sign up here!
    Helping our teacher's update and build their classroom libraries:   "Gift Certificates" are available for you to purchase for any dollar amount you choose. It is handled just like any other gift certificate.  Your teacher will use this certificate to purchase a book for their classroom library OR you can simply purchase a book your child feels would be perfect for their classroom!   Either way a special "Donated By" sticker with your child's name will be placed inside the book for all to see.   Thanks for helping out our well deserved teachers!! 
    THANK YOU to ALL my volunteers helping out year after year!!!   You are AWESOME!
    Thank you and see you at the Book Fair!!!