When calling the attendance line please give:

    * The Child's Name

    *The Teacher's Name

    *Reason for illness (flu, cold, sore throat..)

    *If your student has an appointment in the morning and will be late for school, we ask that you call the attendance line and let us know. This saves us from calling you or leaving messages.

    Releasing a Student Early:
    *We do not call students to the office before a parent has arrived.

    *Only someone listed on the pink card can pick up a child for early release.

    *A letter from the parent, authorizing someone else to pick up their student/students, will need to be in our office stating the name of the person that will be checking out their student. The person will need to show photo identification.

    *With the new computer program that the district is using, it takes a little longer to check identification for release of our students. Please take this in to consideration when arriving to check your student out early.

    Power School Note:

    On the new system, attendance is entered twice a day. Because of entering attendance this way, parents have to realize that they will need to divide the number shown by 2. This will give the accurate total of absences.
    If you feel as if the absences are incorrect you can click on the total and it will give you all the dates and codes for the absences. (Anything in blue is a link.)