Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Fine Art, Kent State University
Art Education/Fine Arts Major
Arizona State Certified Visual Art, K-12
SEI Certification
Highly Qualified Teacher

Self-Proclaimed Pizza Expert

Mrs. Moore

I am Mrs. Moore and I am excited to return to Mirage as a Roadrunner!
I am originally from Ohio. I attended Kent State University and could not wait to get out of that cold weather. Mr. Moore and I moved to Arizona 3 weeks after we got married in 2007 and we love the sunshine! We like to travel to Prescott and San Diego when we can.
I have been an art teacher for 16 years, some of that time was in Ohio, bouncing around 4 different schools. Yes, 4 schools in one week, each week, for a whole school year. I taught out of a box and started the week with kindergarten and ended the week with High School. I taught primarily Kindergarten art out of a box in Glendale AZ before, at a training meeting, DV teachers suggested I try DV. I made the right choice! I worked at Norterra Canyon from 2008-2019. I am very excited to be at Mirage and to continue to develop an art program.
I love making lasting bonds with my students. I love seeing so many returning, smiling faces and look forward to meeting many more. I feel that Art, as well as band, music, and physical education offer students so many amazing opportunities for expression.
My room is a safe space, and I hope my students feel welcomed, loved and appreciated.
Not every student is lucky to excel at every subject right away and I feel that Art (as well as many other things) affords struggling students an outlet. Art, as well as expression, is very important to a well-rounded child. I love being a part of your childs day and seeing their ideas come to life. A blank piece of paper can be very daunting, but that first mark can make a world of difference.
In my spare time, haha, I paint and sell shoes, laugh with Mr. Moore, have fun with our children and snug my pug, Edgar Allan Pug. We added another Moore in October and he is the cutest and loves to smile.
I love the color blue, laughing with my family and friends, searching for that perfect soft pretzel, white bristled paint brushes, anything pug, Back to the Future, pizza and can normally be bribed with a Pepsi.