• Math Homework: Week of January 27
    Monday- Eureka Lesson 4.8
    Tuesday- Eureka Lesson 4.9
    Wednesday- Eureka Lesson 4.10
    Thursday- Eureka Lesson 4.11

    Your child will have math homework Monday through Thursday.  It is always due back in class the day after it was assigned.  

    ⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐ (Check out the DVUSD Math Resources page on this website!)

    Reading Homework:   

    It will come home on Monday and it is due back in class on Wednesday OR Friday.  Your child has a choice:  The book that is brought home on Monday can be brought back on Wednesday and traded for a new book OR the book can be kept at home and returned on Friday.  All books must be returned by Friday.   The books are brought home in a Reading Homework Folder.  Inside the folder is a Reading Log.  A parent must sign the log for each book read.  Keep the folder in a safe place and return it with the book.   It is important to read the books multiple times while they are at your house.  Learning to read takes a lot of practice!