• Middle School Advanced Classes
    Program Philosophy
    Gifted middle school students require a bridge from elementary content replacement (SAGE) and Cluster grouping classrooms in order to lay a foundation to high school Honors, IB, and AP classes. The advanced content classes provide a revised curriculum that draws on cognitive and affective learning outcomes.
    Advanced content classes in English language arts, science and social studies place gifted identified students and high achieving students in a classroom that is designed with the Parallel Curriculum model.
    This curriculum uses four parallels and Ascending Intellectual Demand (AID):
     Core Curriculum (What are the key content standards and learning outcomes?)
     The Curriculum of Connections (How does this content connect across disciplines, time, place, and so on?)
     The Curriculum of Practice (How is this content implemented and applied in the real world?)
     The Curriculum of Identity (What relationship does this content have to an individual learner?)
     AID (How do instruction and curriculumchallenge and engage learners and move them from their present understanding toward expertise in a subject matter?)
    Academic goals- Students will…
    1. develop skills to connect content to a personal and global perspective
    2. engage in content as a practitioner and scholar in the discipline
    3. grapple with ideas and questions using both critical and creative thinking
    Cognitive and affective goals- Students will …
    1. have confidence in their own abilities and ideas
    2. embrace responsibility as self-reliant learners
    3. successfully transition to advanced high school courses

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    Gifted Services Provided at Gavilan Peak



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    Grades 7-8







    *Advance content classes in all core subject areas

    *High School Honors Math(credit transferable to  high school)



    * Foreign Language Elective(credit transferable to high school)



    *Advance Art




    Advance classes are offered in language arts, math, science and socialstudies.



    High School Honors Math-Algebra 1 and 2 Honors, Geometry Honors.