• Student Behavior

    Sierra Verde School has 4 rules, and in 5th grade, we follow them all:

    • Be Respectful  
    • Be Responsible
    • Be Safe
    • Be Kind


    Each teacher might add rules to her class that are specific to the content and needs of the room.  For example, in Science, safety rules apply.  Each teacher will clarify specific classroom rules at the beginning of the year.

    In 5th grade, we use a monetary system called "Viper Cash" to reinforce positive behaviors and refine negative ones.  At the beginning of the year, all students begin with an envelope of Viper Cash, and throughout the year, they are able to earn more money for positive behaviors, quality work, helping others, and more!

    Students are charged Viper Cash for not following any one of the 4 expected behaviors above, for needing supplies (such as pencils or replacement work), for not having work completed when due, etc.  Each 5th grade class has a central location for collecting money, and when students are asked to "pay the bucket", they deposit their fine accordingly.  At the end of class, the money is raffled off to a student who did not pay any fines that hour.

    Each quarter, we will hold classroom garage sales or auctions to allow the students to spend their hard-earned Viper Cash.  More information will come home when that time gets closer.

    In rare situations, when behavior concerns go beyond a Viper Cash fine, teachers refer to the Sierra Verde behavior plan for consequences such as loss of recess, after school detention, office referral, etc.  Typically, these consequences are not used, as Viper Cash fines often correct any small behavior issues immediately.