• Classroom Discipline Plan       

     Classroom Behavior

    In order to provide a safe and positive classroom where I am able to teach and the children can learn it is necessary to discuss behavior expectations. I believe that all students can behave appropriately at school and accept responsibility for their actions.  Our classroom will focus on the Character Counts to guide the students in making good responsible choices for their behavior.  The six traits of character that will be introduced to the class will be:  Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.  We will spend time the first week of school discussing what each character means and how we can apply it to the children’s daily behavior. 

    Class Rules

    To maintain a positive learning environment, the following rules have been developed.  These rules, consequences, and rewards have been discussed with your child and will be reviewed when necessary.

    The students are expected to:

    1.  be respectful to others.

    2.  be prepared.

    3.  work quietly.

    4.  listen carefully and follow directions.

    5.  stay in their seat.

    6.  follow all other school rules.

    All students will be responsible for their own actions in the classroom and around the campus. Students have a star with their class number on it that keeps track of the student’s behavior choices. Each day all students start off with a blue star. The behavior system is based on a 5-step process:

     1.  Blue – we’ve had a great day!!

    2.  Green – verbal warning

    3.  Yellow – 10 minute time-out

    4.  Orange – lunch detention

    5.  Red – phone call home and a official warning(referral)

    Every day the students mark the appropriate behavior on their behavior sheet.  It will indicate what color your child finished the day with. If any color other than blue is indicated, please discuss your child’s behavior choice and what he/she can do to make a better choice next time. Please initial the behavior sheet each evening and have your child bring back it to school each day. All students that have their behavior logs signed earn a Good Time Ticket.  Good Time Tickets and Bear Bucks will be awarded for various behaviors that show examples of good Characters. 

    Please Note:  Sometimes, depending on the severity of the student’s behavior it may be necessary to skip one of the above steps.


    Bear Bucks are given throughout the day as teachers and staff members observe students making good responsible choices.  The Bear Bucks can be used to purchase items from the Bear Bucks cart.