2019-20 7th Grade ELA Homework Sprague

    Remember homework is NOT about getting a grade; it is about raising your learning potential – developing discipline – the intrinsic reward of knowing you know and can do!

    However, there are extrinsic rewards as well: cookies, Starbucks, listening to music, ATB rewards, and extended recess.

    1. Due WhatyaReadingFriday (WYRF) days: Read 80-100 pages each week
    2. Due: TBD - Memorization – review as needed
    3. Review Key Concepts – 5 minutes each evening
    4. Possible Teacher Choice reading assignment.
    Once in awhile students will have a specific assignment to be completed at home. These may include: research or completing their specific task in a teamwork assignment. 

    Research provides strong evidence that, when used appropriately, homework is essential for increasing and reinforcing student learning and achievement for course standards. Homework may be differentiated to meet the needs of our varied learners. The intent of homework is to practice, extend learning, and provide opportunities for students to develop critical, independent study skills and self-discipline for their life-long educational journeys. You are a key component in ensuring homework is completed. Ask students about what they are reading.  Listen to the poem or ask them to write a compound-complex sentence.  Again, you are a key component!  Comprehension and understanding are increased exponentially when it is shared with someone!

Last Modified on September 7, 2019