• Sprague's 5000 pages Reading Rules
    Any student who reads 5000 pages (of approved books) or more is invited to my home for an end of the year pool party plus the best brownies in the world! (or so I'm told)
    All books other than classroom or school library books must be approved by me prior to reading if the student wants the pages for either a grade or the reward party.
    Must read the minimum page requirement each quarter.
    All pages read in class count toward the total (yes, I keep track of these).
    If you want to come to the party!!!: 
    Must read at least 5 different genres within the school year.
    No more than 1 "Wimpy Kid" novel - must be #4 or higher, worth 100 pages.
    Double pages available for additional Civil War novels before December 16th.
    Double pages available throughout year for ALL classic novels.
    Other opportunities for double pages are given throughout the school year. 
    No more than 8 novels by the same author within the school year.
    Must complete quick write sticky notes to earn pages.
    No more than one office referral resulting in disciplinary action. 
    Must pass (C or higher is passing) ALL classes (including exploratories) at Anthem to attend pool party. 
Last Modified on August 3, 2019