• My Behavior Expectations
    All District Rules will be adhered to at Anthem School. Please refer to the DVUSD Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. We believe that students must treat others with the same respect with which they are treated by the adults in our school. We also believe that student’s actions, dress, possessions, etc., must not cause a problem for themselves or anyone else. Also all rights and responsibilities that are created within the TEAM AWESOME CONSTITUTION are part of my behavior expectations.
    Since I am an older teacher I consider myself quite strict with students. I follow all district and school guidelines to the letter. However, I do not go looking for trouble, standing in the hallway hawk-like. If trouble comes my way: dress code, running or horseplay in the halls, disrespectful tone, works or attitudes, etc. I immediately address these and other behaviors like them with a discussion with the student or immediate redirection and record it in the Behavioral Expectation binder. 

    Specifically, my first rule is to keep students engaged. I try to be in my room when students arrive so that they know I am ready to start class. if there is a problem with any type of general conflict: dress code violation, too much talking or disruption, overly disrespectful to anyone in the class or myself, gum-chewing, cell phone usage, grabbing/pushing, etc. I either redirect the student to the correct behavior or use this dialogue: "What are you doing?" (student replies) "What are you supposed to be doing?" (student replies) "What are you going to do now?" (student replies).


    If students continue in the behavior I will email home. If the conflict behavior still continues I will follow the school guidelines and refer the student and incident to the assistant principal.


    If students are mildly disruptive in the halls, I ask them to stop or ask them to sit in my room until class starts. If they are terribly disruptive, such as cursing, fighting, disrespectful, or if they do not redirect or correct their behavior, I will follow school guidelines which include an email home.


     It is very important that we are all honest with each other. If a student cheats or lies to me, I ask them to call their parents and explain what happened, truthfully, and then I will talk with the parent regarding the incident.  The incident is also recorded in the Behavioral Expectation Binder. The student is still expected to complete the assignment.

    I would like you to know that I do not negotiate with students, but I do listen and try to let them share their side before I make any decisions. I usually try to get them to decide what should come next. I also email home, whenever I feel they are making poor choices on a consistent basis. If you are concerned about behavior conflicts please email me at any time.
Last Modified on September 7, 2019