Turn in your Saftey Forms and $5
     Sign up outside Mrs. Sprague's room - only room for 14!
    October 9-10 3:40-5:00
    October 15-17 3:40-5:15
    October 22-23 3:40-5:15
    October 24 3:40-7:00 Sewing, Pizza, Sewing, and Packing up
    Turn in your Saftey Forms
    Sewing: September 18-20 3:40-5:00
                September 25-27 3:40-5:00
     The Power of One: Service Learning for All

    The Power of One is an after school Service Learning Club.  Students participate in a variety of projects that meet global, state, and local needs.

    To meet global needs students learn to sew, trim, and paint pillowcases into dresses for orphans in Africa, Haiti, Thailand and India. 

    To meet state and local needs students create fleece blankets for the Phoenix Rescue Mission and sew and create pet blankets for the Phoenix Animal Shelter.


    While we do have an active National Junior Honor Society club on campus, it is important to offer opportunities to all students to serve and become active participants in their world; even one person can make a difference!! 

Last Modified on October 12, 2018