• PBIS:  Desert Mountain has implemented a school wide behavior plan.  All teachers are using the same rules and vocabulary.  Expectations are posted throughout the school.   This plan will be reviewed with students the first week of school.  This is a positive behavior system in which students are recognized for their good behavior.   The elements of the program stand for H.A.W.K.  The breakdown of expectations looks like this:


                HONORABLE:                  (*Take care of property *Be prepared *Be on time *Be honest)

                ACCOUNTABLE:              (*Keep hands, feet, and objects to self *Raise hand to share ideas
                                                                    *Complete work on time)

                WILLING ATTITUDE:       (*Be where you are supposed to be *Stay on task *Use an inside voice)

                KIND:                                (*Use positive words and actions *Listen to all instructions and ideas
                                                                     *Support each other)      

    If students struggle with these expectations, they will receive warnings, and then if the behavior continues, they will receive a "minor".  Parents will receive a call or email home letting you know that they have received this.  A third minor results in a lunch detention.  If behavior continues, office intervention will be implemented.  Students have an opportunity to earn Blackhawk cash where they can shop at the PBIS store each week.  This includes some monitary items as well as experiences they can buy.

    ASSIGNMENTS:  I allow students to redo assignments.  If they would like to improve a grade, they may fix their paper and turn it in again.  For tests and quizzes, students need to fill out a Re-Take contract.  This contract must be signed by parents and returned promptly so that reteaching can occur. Students will have computer access weekly as they view their assignments and grades in Powerschools.  It will be their responsibility to find the assignments that they are missing. They will then need to locate these and quickly turn them in.  I am always available to assist them in locating them or obtaining new copies.   If students have been absent due to illness or any other circumstance beyond their control, arrangements can be made to provide them with extra time.

    POWERSCHOOLS:  Each student will have a code so that they will be able to access grades in power schools.  You also have a code.  Please access grades often.   I will have grades updated several times a week.  If you do not know your code, please see the front office.  Approximately half way through each quarter, I will print progress reports for students who are receiving a  D or an F.  Please view and sign/return these the following day. Assignments not completed will be given a score of 49% in the gradebook.  

    SNACKS: We will be having a snack time during RTI each day.  This will be a "working snack".  If you would like, please send in a snack (PLEASE no peanut butter or nuts) for your student.  
    BIRTHDAY TREATS: If you would like to send in a Birthday Treat for your child - please let me know ahead of time if at all possible.  We cannot have nut products or home-made treats.  Thank you!