• Mrs. Potts’ 4th Grade

    Language Arts and Social Studies



    Welcome to our class.  As a parents, you will find lots of useful info about our class in this syllabus and on my website.  If you still have questions, please email me at jeneen.potts@dvusd.org.

    About Our Class

    In this class we cover reading, grammar,  and writing.  We use several different resources including the basal series Scott Foresman Reading Street, literature novels, Scholastic Storyworks, and informational text articles from online publications.  Each week we will cover a number of skills and strategies and we will assess our knowledge of these skills each Friday.  


    Reading Tests

    Reading tests from our Reading Street book will be given every Friday (unless otherwise noted in agenda due to time constraints)  Please note that we will sometimes modify the schedule due to school events or if extra time is needed to cover certain content.  I will send an email home to inform you of this or have the kiddos write it in their agenda....so please make sure I have your email. 


    Spelling Tests

    Spelling words will go home on Fridays and tests will be on the following Thursday.  I will also post the spelling words to my "spelling words" section of this webiste.



    Weekly vocabulary words will be discussed during our basal reads in class. Students will be responsible for studying these words and definitions for their tests on Friday.  Vocabulary words will be sent home on the Family Times newsletter each Monday.

    So, how can I study for vocabulary tests? 

    Know your definitions and how to use those words in context.


    Agendas will be filled out daily with their homework for the night.  It’s VERY important that parents SIGN (NOT INITIAL) their child’s agenda nightly as notes and important information will be written down along with their homework.  This is a perfect place for parents to write me notes and for me to respond back.  Students will also be rewarded weekly if their agenda is signed each night.  Please DO NOT sign their agenda ahead of time 



    Family time is very important to me and I want the students to be able to do as much with their family as possible.  With that being said, I will try my best to keep homework at a minimum each day for my class.  I am NOT requiring Reading Logs this year as I have read a few great books over the summer that has totally changed my mind about the purpose of reading logs.  I want the students to ENJOY reading so I require them to read at least 20 minutes a night- most importantly, reading should be fun, enjoyable, and rewarding.  Comic books, newspapers, fiction/non-fiction books etc.. are great ways for kids to begin the LOVE for reading  Monday-Wednesday students will have morning comprehension in class. They will be required to bring home the comprehension each night whether it is done or not. If it’s not done, they will need to finish it at home.  This page WILL BE REQUIRED TO BE RETURNED TO SCHOOL THE NEXT DAY COMPLETED.  If there is something we started during the day but didn't get the chance to finish, I will send that home with the kiddos.  Nightly homework will ALWAYS be written in their agenda each night.  In addition to homework, each student will be in charget of reading a literature book that I have chosen for them based on their reading level.  They will have given assignment each week and they need to make sure they are following their given tasks each week so they dont fall behing when it comes to class reading discussion. 


    Expandable Folder

    Students will be required to have an expandable folder (the ones that have approx.. 6 pockets that accordion out) to keep all their Language Arts papers in. These folders will only be used in the classroom and will not come home until the end of the year.  If you have a difficult time buying one, please let me know via email. 


    Power Schools/Grades

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have your child check Powerschools often so that they can check their grades as well as any missing assignments they may have.  Unfortunately, we don’t have access to your log on information so you will have to get that from the front office if you have misplaced your user name and log in information.  Students will also be checking their grades in my class each Thursday and during this time they will get to write down any missing assignments they may have and to search their folder and our missing work bins for the assignment(s).


    Data Folders

    Students will be recording and analyzing all their testing data. This information and recording will be kept in their Data Folder which will stay at school.   Students will be able to share this information with you during Parent/Teacher conference time 


    Make-Up Work/Missing School

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know ahead of time if you know your child will be gone from class. It’s the student’s responsibility to come to me to get their makeup work and/or make up any tests.  Especially with Spelling, it’s hard to give make up tests as the tests have to be given orally and requires the student to come in during their lunch to have the words read to them. 



    Students will be given two projects to complete for a grade.  These projects will be given 1st and 3rd quarters.  A detailed description of the projects will come home one month before they are due. I will send out the project with the student as well as sending it via email and posting it on my website. Keep an eye open for the first project at the beginning of September.  These projects are designed to be fun extension activities that enhance content knowledge.



    Just a reminder… The BEST way to get a hold of me is by email. I have a bad habit of not checking my phone as much as I should (shh… I probably still have voicemails on it from last year) :)