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    We need empty 2-liter soda bottles!

    Desert Mountain STEM Academy students work independently and collaboratively in an inquiry-based learning environment that encourages finding creative solutions to authentic and complex problems. My job is to provide a problem/task, and a supportive environment with high academic standards dedicated to maximizing critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration in the process of solving "real-world problems."  Students become the content teachers, and the teacher serves as a facilitator to their learning.

    Engineering is a field that focuses on creating and using scientific and technological solutions to problems, such as machines, programs, or structures. It’s crucial for kids to learn about engineering because this knowledge can set them up for a good career. There are many types of engineers, so kids with a wide variety of interests may find that a future in engineering appeals to them. But even kids who don’t plan on becoming engineers can benefit from honing their research and problem-solving skills through study in this area.

    Engineering Design Process