• Academics:  Students are expected to come to class ready to learn.  The best way to do so is to begin with a positive attitude and a willingness to try.  It is important for each student to be a proactive part in their academic career.  Completing assignments on time, participating in class discussions, asking questions, and reviewing topic information are the keys to success and will help develop a strong understanding for the class content as well as build the foundational blocks for years to come. 

    One of the most helpful skills for academic success is to be organized.  All students will receive an agenda and should be writing down their assignments in the book daily.  In each classroom the current assignment will be written on the board time is provided for students to transfer the information into their agendas. Students should make sure to organize their papers and subject folders in a manner that allows them to find their work easily. 


    Behavior:  Desert Mountain has implemented a school wide behavior plan where all teachers are using same vocabulary, and expectations.  We are the H.A.W. K s.

               H- Honorable

               A- Accountable

              W- Willing Attitude

              K- Kind

     If students are not showing HAWK behavior then they will receive a warning, if it continues they are given an incident form to fill out to reflect on their behavior.  On the second incident a phone call or email will be sent home to inform you of the behavior.  If students receive 3 incident forms then they will be referred to the office for a referral.  Those students who are showing HAWK behavior will also be rewarded by receiving HAWK cards.   Students will receive prizes and have their name entered into drawings for earning a certain amount of these cards.