• Grades are determined by effort and input not artistic ability and the projects are based on the art standards by DVUSD for each grade level.  I believe every student is an artist and has creativity to share. I use the following rubric to grade art work.  I provide examples and clear expectations for projects.  Each project completed is worth 10 points.  Students are given ample time to complete work during their art time. We also have behavior expectations and a class reward system for on task behavior. If you have any questions please email me at nancy.lorimer@dvusd.org

    Creative and unique

    4 pts. * Your work was impressive

    3pts * You did what was asked

    2pts * Try harder next time


    Followed directions and procedures

    3 pts. * All directions were followed

    2pts * Most directions were followed

    1pt * Some directions were followed


    Good Craftsmanship

    3pts* Your art was very well made

    2pts * Your art needs more attention

    1pt* Try harder next time