Scott Larter

Phone: 623-445-3363


Degrees and Certifications:

-B.S. in Christian Ministries; Minor in Youth– Southwestern College (Arizona Christian University), Phoenix, AZ ▪ 2007 -Standard Teaching Certification in Secondary Education – Health and Middle Grades Mathematics

Scott Larter

My name is Scott Larter and I am the RTI Behavior Coach and Athletic Coordinator here at DVMS. I try to incorporate as much real life situations into my class to make the learning much more meaningful.

My philosophy is to make every single person I come in contact with successful.  I do my absolute best to help each person I meet in whatever area they need help with.  I want to teach the unfaithful to be strong, teach the ungraceful to forgive, and love the unloving.  I believe that we have to all work together to make this happen, so I do my absolute best to incorporate as much group work as possible.  My students are to help each other in and out of the classroom in order for us all to be successful.

This is my 12th year as a teacher, my 8th at DVMS.  Previously I worked at a charter school in downtown Phoenix as a teacher.  Before that I worked at Adobe Mountain School as a Youth Corrections Officer.  I have been mentoring students, ages 10-20, for the past sixteen years and truly believe it is my passion in life to help them any way that I can.  I am also coaching 3 sports at DVMS: Cross Country, Basketball, and Track and Field.


Movies: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Way, Way Back, Avengers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tommy Boy, Little Miss Sunshine, and many more.
Music: There is not one kind of music I do not like.
Bands: Emery, Foo Fighters, Showbread, Project 86, The Classic Crime
TV Show: WWE Raw, The Goldbergs, Impractical Jokers, Criminal Minds, Suits, and any Sport.
Animal: Sea Otter
Book: “Above the Line” – Urban Meyer
Things To Do: Travel, Go to Disneyland/world, Take care of my animals (8 cats, 2 dogs, 2 fish, and counting), Playing basketball, Watching movies, and Helping others.

Random Fact: I have been to over 300 concerts in my lifetime.