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    My classroom expectations are very simple - PARK.  We are PREPARED to learn, we are ACCOUNTABLE for our choices, we are RESPECTFUL to ourselves and others and we are KIND.  We focus on this a lot in Kindergarten and expect all students to respect each other, school supplies and themselves.  We use "Flash Line" when walking around campus.  This helps remind us to be respectful of others who are trying to learn.
    It is also expected that all students be respectful of each other in the learning environment - the classroom.  Each student will be given the same opportunities to learn as everyone else.  As we know everyone learns differently and has different needs.  I will be respectful of each and everyone's needs in our classroom.
    We will hold classroom meetings to address items that may come up where someone is not being respectful.  During the class meeting, we will come up with different ways to handle the situation.  This is student led, so some of the ideas will work and others will not.  This will allow us to help each other learn and grow not only academically, but socially as well.