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    We are wrapping things up this week as we complete a wonderful year in first grade! 
     To date, we have practiced closed syllables - cvc words (short vowel),
    blends, digraphs, three letter blends, and vowel consonant e syllables.
    We have introduced long vowel teams starting with ai and ay, ie and igh,
    ow and oa, oe, ui, ew, and ue, ee and ea
    and y that sounds like i (one syllable words) and e (two or more syllable words). 
    We have practiced r-controlled words ar (star), or and ore (explore), er (fern) , ir (third), ur (turn).
     We know the soft sounds - soft c (grace) and soft g (judge).
    We are learning dipthongs au (launch) and aw (brawl), oi and oy,
    and oo - long sound (bloom), short sound (book).
    We have worked on ow - long o (snow) and dipthong /ow/ (plow) and
    ou - house (most common), country, four, and group. 
     Recently, we have learned about contractions and ghost digrahs (silent letters) (gh, gn, kn, wr). 
    We are also identifying singular and plural possessives, prefixes, suffixes, and consonant -le.
    We have completed Module 6 - 
    Place Value, Comparison, Addition and Subtracting to 100 
    This Week:
    Monday = Day 1 - P.E.
    Tuesday =  Day 2 - Art & Mandarin  
    Wednesday = Day 3 - P.E.
    Thursday =  Day 4 - Music
    Upcoming Events: 
    Wednesday, May 22nd - Splash Pad
    Thursday, May 23rd - early release & last day of school!
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