Homework Philosphy

  • "Students who do homework achieve at a higher level. Helping children with homework is a wonderful way for parents and children to interact." - Superintendent of Public Education 2008
    The purpose of assigning homework is to give students an opportunity to independently practice newly acquired skills. We believe homework is an integral part of your child's learning experience because it is the student's chance to practice what we learned that day. It is also a chance for the parents to see what is being learned. That way, the parent can help reinforce these concepts during their home hours. We assign approximately 45 FOCUSED minutes of homework every night, Monday through Thursday and occasionally on Fridays. Let's all work together to assure a successful year!
    Homework Basics: Your child is responsible for documenting all homework assignments daily in his/her assignment calendar. Please check your child’s assignment calendar daily to help him/her stay on top of his/her assignments. All assignments are expected to be completed by your child and turned in by their due dates. Unless otherwise stated, ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE THE NEXT SCHOOL DAY.
    Part of our teaching method is to utilize homework as part of the classroom learning experience. Each day, we review homework in class, and children who do not have the homework completed miss the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. During grading, we take the time to address any problem(s) a child may be having with certain concepts. We will give up to full credit for assignments turned in on time, and up to half credit on assignments turned in one day late. Students are NOT allowed to complete assignments in pen.