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    Students can be dropped off at 8:20am (please give your hugs and kisses at the gate) at the Kindergarten gate located at the south end of the school.  They will then proceed to the classroom.  If they are eating breakfast at school, they can go to the cafetetia.  Please do not drop them off before 8:20 as there is no supervision for your student.

    Dismissal is at at 3:25.  Please have your student's pick up number visable to those staff members who are on duty. 
    When school starts, you will be asked to fill out a form as to how your student gets to and from school each day.  This form is for me (or any other staff member) to ensure your student is dismissed at the end of the day to the correct place (bus, parent pick up, Stingers or day care van).  If your student's mode of transportation changes, please either write me a note or send me an email.  If you send an email, please do so as early as possible (before 12).  I do not always check my email at the end of the day.  If it is an emergency, please call the office at (623) 445-4100 and they will get in touch with me.
    Field Trips and Special Events
    Field Trips and Special Events will be held throughout the year to enhance curriculum and classroom lessons.  Locations, dates and times will be sent home prior to the event.

    It is exciting to have a birthday during the school year.  Yes, you can have your child celebrate his/her birthday in class.  You may send in a snack or goodie to celebrate your child’s birthday (please refer to the accepted snack list).   We will celebrate birthdays at the end of our day.   Please let me know in advance so that I can adjust our class schedule.  Our classroom is a nut free classroom as we have kiddos who are allergic to nuts, so please do not bring in any treats that have nuts in them.  Keep in mind all treats brought to school must be store bought and in the original container with the ingredients label attached.

    Scholastic Book orders
    Books are a great inexpensive way to increase your child’s home library. These book clubs offer children's books at great prices.  We also earn many extra classroom materials for purchasing from these clubs. Book orders will be sent home periodically beginning in September.

    If you would like to volunteer for our field trips, you will need to be volunteer trained.  This is a one time training.  It will be offered several times throughout the year.  If you are not able to attend a training at our school, you may attend a training at a different school.  If you do, please bring the paperwork to the front office so we have it on file.