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    Being a fifth grade student at Legend Springs is an exciting and memorable journey. We are looking forward to working with you and your child this year. Thank you in advance for partnering with us as your child grows intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally!

    The purpose of this handbook is to familiarize you with classroom expectations, procedures, and policies as they pertain to all of the fifth grade classes. After reading and discussing the handbook with your child, please sign the form titled Welcome to 5th Grade (sent home with your child) and return to your child's homeroom teacher.

    For a successful school year, we believe it is important to have open communication between parents, students, and teachers.  We encourage you to contact us at any time to help us support your child.  Typically email is the most effective and efficient way to communicate during the school day.  

    Courtney Craig     Courtney.craig@dvusd.org

    Felice Loleit      Felice.loleit@dvusd.org

    Allyn Olson       Allyn.olson@dvusd.org

     5th Grade Handbook

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    To respect every students' right to learn while assuring instruction runs smoothly within a positive and engaging classroom climate, students will monitor their behavior based on Legend Spring's 4 School Agreements and SPOT ON Expectations. Students will earn positives and reminders depending on their choices which will be recorded on their individual Be Legendary Communication Card. Therefore, this card is to always stay in their binder to allow quick access and visibility for the student, teacher, and parent.  Daily, we encourage parents to reflect on their child's behavior, and every Thursday parents are to initial their child’s card to ensure strong communication between school and home.

    In addition to receiving positives, students may also be awarded a SPOT ON character ticket be demonstrating character that goes "above and beyond". However, if a student receives more than 2 reminders marks in one school day, a lunch detention will be served.  Severe behavior infractions will be left for the teacher and the principal to determine appropriate consequences.

    Students are encouraged to earn positives throughout the quarter and not wait to the last minute to earn enough positives. At the end of each quarter, students that earned double the amount of positives over their reminders will have an invitation to a reward celebration.

    Legend Spring’s 4 School Agreements

    We Help Each Other Succeed

    We Communicate You Matter

    We Honor the Absent  

    We See the Problem, We Fix the Problem

     Take Home Folder

    • A folder containing notes and graded assignments will be sent home with your child every Thursday.  
    • Please keep the contents of the folder and return the folder on Friday.
    • Parents initial Be Legendary Communication Card.

     Weekly Updates 

    • Grade level information via a Weekly Update will be provided every Thursday.  
    • These updates will contain information on the topics of study, upcoming events, and various reminders.


    • We encourage you to regularly use PowerSchools to stay current with your child’s progress.  
    • Students and parents each have their own password to access their PowerSchools account.  
    • Checking your child’s grades via PowerSchools will support communication and will help to promote academic success for your child.
    • Please check with the office if you have forgotten your login information.


    The purpose of an assignment is to offer students an opportunity to independently practice and reinforce newly acquired skills.  Students are encouraged to use their class time wisely to ensure their understanding and lessen the amount to complete outside of the classroom.  Typically, the completion of all of their assignments should not take more that 45 minutes to complete.

    Every student is given time in class to record their assignments from the assignment board, therefore this responsibility is required for each student. Their agenda will be kept in their binder at all times.  The agenda serves as an organizational tool and will help promote independence. Furthermore, logins and passwords for educational websites will be recorded and kept in their binders for quick reference.  Parents are asked to check their child’s agenda daily to monitor the completion of assignments.

    Daily assignments are to be completed before returning to school the next day.  Assignments that are incomplete or not returned are still required to be completed.  All missing assignments or incomplete work will be recorded on the back of the student behavior card.  Parents must sign next to each missing assignment. Missing and incomplete work will have an impact on academic averages. Students will have 1 day to complete and turn in a missing assignment.  

    • Guidelines for Complete Assignments
      • Proper heading
      • Evidence of 100% effort (Quality)
      • Assignments turned in with disregard to completion, effort, following directions, or neatness will be returned to the student to redo and be considered a missing assignment.
    • Daily be prepared with the following     
      • Complete Assignment(s)
      • DEAR Book
      • Organized Binder
        • Students are to maintain a neat and well organized binder to assist in developing strong independent study habits.   
        • Students will bring home their binders every day, we strongly encourage you to check your child's binder daily. 
          • Agenda
          • Subject folders with assignments organized
          • Supplies; 2 pencils, red pen, highlighters, earbuds, etc...
          • Notes for home
          • Schedules
          • Website login information


    When a student is absent from school he/she will be responsible for the assignments missed. Being absent does not excuse a student from class assignments.  It is important your child meet with each of their teachers to determine the assignments to make up. Students will receive one day for every day they are absent to complete and turn in work from their absence.  


    Students will be actively using technology to engage in learning 21st Century Skills. Digital Citizenship lessons will be taught to establish safe practices while interacting with technology. Students will be expected to follow the guidelines outlined in the Legend Springs Technology Agreement and the DVUSD User Agreement to ensure the intended educational use. Loss of technology privileges will follow if guidelines aren’t followed.

    Bathroom Policy

    Students may sign out when needing to use the restroom. Unless it is an emergency, only one boy and one girl may leave class at a time. We encourage all students use the restroom quickly before school, between classes, and at lunch in order to limit class time that is missed.

    Personal Items

    Toys and other distracting objects are not to be brought to school and will be taken from the student.  Please refer to the DVUSD Handbook for a complete list of items to be left at home. Electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, etc., will be confiscated and sent to the office, if used during inappropriate times. These items must remain off and in the student’s backpack unless instructed otherwise for academic purposes.  Legend Springs and its teachers are not responsible for any personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged on school property.  


    • Money needing to be turned into the teacher must be placed in a sealed and labeled envelope    
    • Lunch $ needs to be turned into the café before the start of school.
    • Scholastic book orders are paid online, check our website for classroom codes.


    Celebrating birthdays are  a lot of fun for the whole class.  Due to a variety of allergies, students are welcome to bring a “safe” store bought treat to share with their homeroom class.  Please include napkins, plates, or utensils.

    Snacks and Drinks

    Students are encouraged to bring water bottles.  No drinks other than plain water are allowed according to school policy.  

    ALL classrooms at Legend Springs School are nut-free areas. This includes foods processed in a factory that also processes nut-containing foods. Unfortunately, most bakery items, including cupcakes and donuts are included in this group of foods, so they are not allowed. If there are other allergies in your child’s room, you will receive another note at the beginning of the year outlining these. http://snacksafely.com/safe-snack-guide