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    High Frequency Words 

     These are the 50 DVUSD Kindergarten high frequency words

    the**          and**           his               want             said

    a                can                here**         for               so

    see             you**            of**             they            will

    my             as**              on                have            were

    to               it                   are**           some           what

    by              he**              was**          we               this

    am             she**            be                or                out

    at               in                  do                come**        like**

    go              with               had              from**         one

    is               good**          look**          that              them


    Words with an ** need to be spelled correctly by the end of the year

    Here are some suggestions to help your child learn these words:

    **Flash cards - make flash cards out of index cards.

    **Memory - make two sets of flash cards and play the memory game.

    **Have your child highlight these words when they find them in the newspaper, magazines, or junk mail.

    **make a word search puzzle  - puzzlemaker.com is a great website to make word searches.