Grading System

  • Your child is now in an Intermediate grade.  We believe that practice supports the end goal and allows students to meet the learning intentions as well as meet the success criteria.  Grades are earned through doing the assigned classwork and homework as well as through class participation and tests.  Failing to complete homework and classwork will have an immediate adverse affect on your child’s grades.  The letter grades below are the district required grades that will be used on all assignments, tests, quizzes, Progress Reports, and report cards. 

    A = Excellent                   B = Above Average                 C = Average                     D = Below Average                        F = Failiing 

    100-98 = A+                                       89-88 = B+                                      79-78 = C+                                     69-68 = D+                                          59 and below 

      97-93 = A                                          87-83 = B                                          77-73 = C                                        67- 63 = D

      92-90 = A-                                         82-80 = B-                                        72-70 = C-                                       62-60 = D-


    Assessment Retake Policy 

    The fourth grade team encourages students to become more active in their educational goal setting and assessment study practices.  Therefore, students may retake assessments that are below mastery of a standard skill.  For all retakes, a parent request form and signature will be required.  Students will be required to complete a remediation practice packet and complete the retake wihtin 7 days of the initial assessment.  Retakes will occur during morning reflection at 7:45 a.m. (before school) and scheduled by the approved teacher.