•  5th Grade Supply List

    coloured_pencils_2.png (497×330) 

    The following is a list of items requested for each student.  “Arizona law requires that public schools provide supplies required for academic success.” The list represents items that you may supply. If you have questions, feel free to contact the school.  Any student unable to bring any of the listed items will be provided with supplies.

    Personal Student Supplies:

    1           2 3-Ring EZ View Binder with a clear cover   *NO Trapper Keepers or Accordion Style Binders Please* 

    10         Plastic tab dividers with folders

    1            Pencil pouch that fits in 3 ring binder

    1           3 subject notebook (Mrs. Loleit’s math students)                                                  

    1           Supply box with snapping lid (to keep in desk)

    1           Pair of durable scissors

    2           Red pens

    1           Package of Crayola colored pencils

    4           Highlighters (ex. blue, yellow, pink, orange)  

    6-8        Thin-Whiteboard markers – black (Mrs. Loleit’s math students)

    1           Soda flat or other container measuring (L 13” x W 10” x D3.5”)

    1           Manual hand held pencil sharpener with lid

    1           Pair of earbuds to be left a school (No headphones please)

                 Supply of pencils


    The following items will be shared with the homeroom class:

    All Bring:

    • 2 Rolls of paper towels
    • 2 Boxes of tissue

    Boys Bring:

    • 1 Bottle of antibacterial hand soap
    • 1 Container of Clorox Wipes

    Girls Bring:

    • 1 Antibacterial hand gel with pump
    • 1 Bottle of multi-purpose spray cleaner