• About Mrs. Willis
    I was born and raised outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvanina. I completed my undergraduate studies in elementary education and early childhood education at the University of Delaware. I then earned a master's degree in reading and language arts from the University of Pennsylvania.I taught first grade in Pennsylvania for five years before marrying my husband Dave and starting a family. When our children were young we moved around a bit living in Delaware, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and  finally settling in Arizona.
    Since coming to Sierra Verde School over twenty years ago I have had the opportunity to teach kindergarten, second grade and first grade I have a total of 25 years of teaching experience in the primary classroom.I love teaching! I knew I wanted to be a teacher from the moment I entered kindergarten! I have always loved learning and sharing that excitement with others. I also enjoy the challenge of teaching children to read, write and develop important mathematical concepts. I cherish every opportunity I have to engage and excite young children to learn all they can about the world around them.

    Outside of school during my free time I enjoy reading, exercising, cooking, boating, paddleboarding, traveling and spending time with my family. My husband Dave and I have been blessed with an incredible family. Our oldest, Ted, a graduate of the University of Arizona, is a video editor and videographer. He has traveled the world  filming his experiences and now lives in Brooklyn, NY. Our middle daughter, Natalie, graduated from the University of Arizona, College of Nursing. She is now a labor and delivery nurse living in Albuquerque,NM with her husband Nick and their two toddlers.( I do love being a Grammy!)Our youngest, Dana, is also a U of A. graduate! She  lives and works in Tucson with her husband Matt.   All three of my successful kids are Sierra Verde graduates.

    A Few of My Favorite Things:

    Favorite Colors:  Pink and Green

    Favorite Restaurants:  Babbo's, Fired Pie, Pita Jungle
    Favorite Foods:  
    salad, sushi 
    Favorite Drink:  Water (sparkling or still)   or unsweetened tea 
    Favorite Snacks:  
    fruit, pretzels, veggies and hummus, almonds
    Favorite Candy :  dark chocolate with almonds
    Favorite Hobbies:  
    traveling, hiking, paddle boarding, reading, cooking  
    Favorite Scent:  
    sunflower (spring/summer)
    pumpkin spice (fall/winter)