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    Hello!  Thanks for coming to our classroom website! My name is Susan Smith and this is my twenty-second year in the Deer Valley School District teaching Second Grade. I am originally from Chicago, Illinois and graduated from Naperville Central High School, and Eastern Illinois University. I moved to Arizona to be close to my parents who have retired here. In May 2003, I graduated from Grand Canyon University with my Master's Degree in Education. I married my husband, Ben Smith, on the beach in Maui, Hawaii in 2004. I live in Peoria, with a cat, Izzy,  and my darling children!  Benjamin came in to our lives on May 2, 2008, and now I truly know what it is like to be a parent. My husband and I were blessed once again on December 30th, 2011, when we met our incredible daughter, Izabella. After a few days in the NICU, we were able to bring her home. My husband surprised me with a horse, Johnny, on December 25th, 2017. In July 2019, we got a new Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppy named Cody. I have a very outgoing personality and enjoy building positive relationships with my students and parents.  
    In my spare time I enjoy horsebackriding, cooking, crocheting hats, playing Ultimate Frisbee, making jewelry, reading, playing games on the Nintendo Wii (Punch Out is a favorite), and especially spending time with my kids. My kids especially enjoy our countless hours spent baking and cooking together!

    My favorite things:

    Place: Disneyland

    Color: Purple

    Restaurant: Fired Pie, Babbos, Cheesecake Factory

    Shopping: Amazon 
    Beverage: Iced Tea
    Treat: Dark Chocolate/Homemade Goodies
    Hobbies: crocheting, jewelry, crafts, Ultimate Frisbee, fitness
    Contact me!  
    Phone/Voicemail # 623-376-4844  
    Email Address: susan.smith@dvusd.org