West Wing Cafeteria
  • West Wing Cafeteria Information
    Blanca Camacho Martinez
    Cafeteria Manager

    Breakfast is served from 8:15-8:40 every day!

    Breakfast $1.50 students

    Lunch $2.95 students

    Adults--$4.50 includes a drink

    Snacks - $0.50 -  $1.50

    Milk or Bottled Water - $0.50

    Sparkling Fruit Drink - $1.25

    Hungry for Breakfast?

    Mornings can be busy getting ready for work and children off to school. Little or no time is left for breakfast. The School Breakfast Program is a great solution. The cost is only $1.50 and .40 for reduced students. We serve milk, juice or fruit, and each month a variety of choices, which include french toast, bagel, and cream cheese, whole wheat honey bun, oatmeal bars, cereal, breakfast sandwiches or pancake on a sausage stick.

    It is a fact that children who eat breakfast perform better in school, have improved nutrient intake, and have healthier body weight.

    The Cafeteria is open from 8:15 a.m. to 8:40.

    The drop-off area is in the "Lollipop" drive that is on the north side of our school. Students should not be dropped off any earlier than 8:15 a.m.