• Top Ten List of Interesting Facts about Me (ok, maybe not interesting to everyone)
    10. I love MATH! I love to teach it and I get excited to talk about it. I want nothing more than to help you get excited about it too! I will do anything I can to make that happen- including but not limited to jokes, stories, and uncategorized antics. I've been teaching 6th math for over 15 years! I am highly qualified in this area.
    9. I am a gerd. I coined that name myself to describe the nerd/geek that I am. I love many scifi shows and movies. My favorite Doctor is Matt Smith although my first was the fourth, Tom Baker.
    8. I am a parent. I have a son, Morgan, who graduated from Mountain Ridge and is Pharmacy Tech. 
    7. I co-direct the musicals at Sierra Verde. Along with loving math, I am also passionate about our musicals at Sierra Verde!  It takes a lot of work but the results are always enjoyable (if you haven't been to one of our productions, I highly recommend it!!)
    6. I love to read. I belong to a book club so I am able to read stories from multiple genres. I am usually reading three books at any given time! For students I recommend Gregor the Overlander series and The Maze Runner.  For adults I recommend The Book Theif (the movie was horrible but the book is eloquently written) and The Kitchen House.
    5. I love music. There is a song for every moment of every day! I would never be able to tell you my favorite bands or musicians because I have a cornucopia full. Let's share some of our favorites this year!
    4. I play video games. I would bet that I don't play as often as some of you, but I know my stuff. Right now I am playing The Long Dark and Fallout 4 on PS5 and a bunch of casual games on Steam. I am always playing Sims 4 decades challenge.
    2. Some of my favorites:
        color- tones of blue
         candy-dark chocolate, Twizzlers (Red Vines are gross), payday (not allowed at school!)
        drink- Diet Pepsi
        car- challenger
        season-fall/winter (my decorating for these seasons is a tad bit out of control... I may need to seek treatment)
        musical-Wicked, Finding Neverland, Les Miserables
        food-changes with my mood but I don't like seafood other than fish (if what I'm eating looks like what it was, I'm out)
        movie-Bravehart, Meet Me in Saint Louis, A Christmas Story, Young Frankenstein
    1. I love to laugh! I love to laugh and I love to hear others laugh. I think it started out as a nervous habit but became a part of me. Don't get me wrong, I am also strict in the classroom and have high expectations for my students but sometimes laughter makes life (and math) easier.
    Bonus Info:
    I got married in February of 2018 HERE at SV on stage! It was a surprise wedding for my husband (he had no idea) but I knew he'd be thrilled because he had been asking me for 14 years!