• Pick up and Drop off Procedures
    Please make sure you are using the parent drop off/pick up loop at the school when dropping off or picking up your student.  Community members have notified the school of an increase in parents parking on residential streets, especially after school.  Specifically, there are concerns over cars parked at 85th Dr. and W Maya Dr., and 84th Dr. and W. Maya Dr.   Please plan on meeting your child at the school drop off and pick-up zones.
    Map of procedures - click here for a detailed map of the drop off and pick up procedures.
    Letter - This letter of from Peoria Police Department explaining the procedures for West Wing.
    Letter - This letter from Dr. Price-Barry explains pick-up and drop off procedures for parents.

    Dear West Wing Parents and Guardians:

    In an effort to ensure that our drop off and pick procedures run smoothly, please adhere to the
    following guidelines that have been put in place.
    Please refrain from arriving too early for pick‐up – cars idling for long periods block the streets and pollute the air that our children breathe.

    Consider arriving a few minutes AFTER the dismissal bell when the congestion and back‐ups have
    cleared out
    Line up vehicles in a single file line
    Remain in your vehicle while in the drop‐off/pick‐up line
    Pull up close to the car in front of you while in the pick‐up line for pick‐up
    Pull all the way up to the drop‐off areas before letting your children out of the car for drop‐off
    Please be patient
    Consider walking, riding bikes or have your children ride the bus to and from school