Curriculum Night:  You have two options.  You may watch our Virtual Curriculum Night Presentation on our website, or attend an in person presentation on Tuesday, August 13th a 5:00 pm in the library.  We are looking forward to a great year!
     In Mrs. Turner's science class, you will be learning and writing about the human body, levers and pulleys, including simple machines, the sun, moon stars and solar system, and also mixtures and solutions.

    In Mrs. Reichard's social studies class, you will be learning about geography, the thirteen colonies, the American Revolution and the Civil War. We will also explore our government.

    In Mrs. Diaz's reading class, you will be reading both fiction and nonfiction text. You will learn more about story elements, compare/contrast, cause and effect, how to understand what is inferred in text and much more.

    In Mrs. Lunde's math class, you will learn a lot of fun new concepts. We will learn how to multiply and divide fractions, divide with a two-digit divisor and how to convert various measurements along with many more topics.

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