•  Crisis Response

    TEEN DRUG TESTING. Trust, but Verify.
    It’s not about catching your teen using drugs.  It is about preventing drug abuse and the peer pressure that goes along with it.  Give your teen a reason to say “no” – discreet teen drug testing
    ASAP The Adolescent Substance Abuse Program
    8607 North 59th Avenue, Glendale
    (602) 434-0249
    To find ASAP online, click here: www.asapaz.com
     Addiction Resource: resources for families
    Billy's Place website: giving hope to families who are grieving
    Not My Kid Website: inspiring positive life choices

    Crisis/Suicide Hotlines

    Empact 24-hour Crisis Hot Line   480-784-1500
    Magellan Crisis Line    800-631-1314
    Banner Behavioral Health    602-254-HELP-
    St. Luke's Behavioral Health    602-251-8535  OR   1-800-821-4193
    Teen Lifeline    602-248-TEEN  OR  1-800-248-TEEN  http://www.teenlifeline.org/programs.htm