• New Registration

    The following documents will be necessary to complete the registration process:

    • Original Birth Certificate
    • Parent/Guardian Driver’s License
    • Immunization Records
    • Custody/Legal Documents, if applicable
    • Withdrawal Notice from previously attended school
    • Withdrawal Grades, if registering mid-semester or at semester break
    • Unofficial Transcript, if registering from an out-of-District school
    • NOTE: If your child passed the state mandated Civics test at another school, please provide documentation or your student will need to take the test again on our campus.

    Proof of Residence – Acceptable documents include:

    • First page of a current original APS, water, or gas bill with the service address matching the mailing address on the bill.
    • Purchase contract or closing papers within 30 days of move-in followed by bill when received.
    • If you are living with someone, you will need to provide a written notarized statement from them and the first page of their APS, water, or gas bill with matching service and mailing addresses and a viable bill in your name at that address, such as a cell phone bill or a parent driver’s license.
    Summer Registration Schedule
    Parents who need to register a student need to call (623) 445–7399 to obtain all the registration information.  This will include a packet of information along with a scheduled time for class selection with a counselor.

    Registration appointments that are to be made in late July and early August can be made by calling the counseling office at 623-445-7116.

    Walk-in registration will be attended to in the counseling office on a first come basis.

    Parents and students who have picked up and completed a registration packet will have an appointment to meet with a counselor to select classes.
    All appointments will be approximately 40 minutes long and the meeting place will be in the Counseling Department Office.
    For this meeting, it is very important to bring along immunization records, transcript, report cards and possible classes.  Please review the list of documents listed in the registration packet.