Ceramics Classroom Behavior Expectations, Rules and Consequences!

    • No student will be allowed to disrupt the education of another student which includes disrupting teacher during instruction. Students must sit in assigned seats and no talking during teacher instruction.
    • Be on time, students must be in the room before the final bell rings. Late students will go to sweep! Students will be dismissed at the end of class by teacher after table group cleanup, NO lining up at class doors!
    • Personal belongings and electronic devices, except class supplies and clay are to be stored underneath student’s desks or in lockers. No purses, big binders, cell phones are allowed on the desks. You are responsible for all personal Items and devices.
    • Misuse of clay in classroom (throwing, stealing, damage or breaking etc…) can result in a written assignment in place of clay project, extra cleanup duty, rebuilding of project and/or immediate referral.
    • Handle all clay tools with safety, they are dangerous. Damage, misuse, stealing will not be tolerated. Items will be replaced at students’ expense and result in loss of tool privileges.
    • As class ends cleanup your work area then stay in assigned seat until teacher dismissal of table group. Extra duties will be assigned for cleanup in order to leave class on time. Return supplies clean and in good condition.
    • All artwork pertaining to violence, drugs, and lewdness contrary to school policy is forbidden!
    • Bathroom breaks will not be permitted the first 15 min. of class or the last 15 min. of class and only for emergencies. Students are required to use their IPAD electronic pass. There are 6 bathroom passes granted per semester or 3 per quarter. Leaving class or seat without permission will result in an unexcused class absence.
    • Always use appropriate, respectful behavior, conduct, and language in the classroom at all times.
    • Outside schoolwork/homework is not allowed out in the art room without teacher’s permission.
    • All gaming or inappropriate use on electronic devices, food or drinks (except water bottles) are prohibited in the classroom and will result in confiscation and /or after class or school cleanup duties. Phones must be put away!
    • Have notebooks, charged IPADS and supplies daily, work hard and treat substitute teachers with same respect as teacher, all regular classroom rules apply for subs.

    *All school handbook, district rules and ARS Laws will apply.


    Consequences (may be changed  based on severity or infraction):

    * Warning and discussion with the instructor and noted in powerschools or parent call.

    * Seating reassignment, parent phone call, loss of daily activity points.

    * Re-seat in classroom/or classroom removal and loss of daily activity points and/or referral to administrator or dismissed from classroom to conduct)

    ***Note: Major Violations or disregard of classroom consequences will warrant immediate referral or classroom removal.