School and Class Information 
     First Day of School General Information
    Introduction to Art, Photography and Drawing 1-2 classes will participate in a Meet and Greet
    where curriculum and expectations will be discussed. Syllabuses will be passed out.  
    The signed and filled in syllabus and video permission form is due on the first Wednesday of the first week of class to receive 25 participation points.
    Second period classes also need to have their updated Emergency Form, Rights and Responsibility handbook worksheet and other Aca Prep worksheet filled in and returned by Wednesday for participation points credit.  Please check BOTH SIDES of each sheet for information and signatures requirements.  Thanks!
    For all Art Classes:
    A folder or binder space for storing handouts is suggested.  Students also may also like to keep several wooden pencils available for note taking and drawing assignments. Cardboard portfolios will be provided to each student.
    Painting 1-2 students may like to purchase their own brushes and more professional supports, such as canvas boards or stretched canvas panels, for assignments.  Every effort will be made to safely secure all student's personal supplies.  However, Ms.Kaye is not responsible for their security.  
    Electronic Devises:
    Ms. Kaye reserves the right to confiscate any electronic devise that is not being used appropriately in class.  While every effort will be made to secure these confiscated devises, Ms. Kaye assumes no responsibility for their safety.  Please keep your electronics in your backpack, purse, or pocket so others may not use them.
    Daily Class Room Expectations:
    Students should be in their seats, with their assigned materials, at the bell.
    As student enter the room they should check the Smart Board (for Intro) or the white board (Painting and 3D Design) for daily set up instructions.
    Students should be attentive and quiet at the bell so we can begin class.
    Quiet talking is permitted at your tables when instruction is done and it is studio work time.
    Please remain in your seats to work unless you need to get materials or clean up.
    Please be responsible and clean up all your own materials.
    Portfolios left out at the end of class may be thrown out with your ungraded work it. (!)
    Electronic Devises, including ear bud use, is prohibited in class.
    IPads and phones may be used for class work only when it is permitted.
    Please see the class syllabus for a detailed explanation of  electronic devise use procedures.