• Picture of Words

    This page contains the sight words your child will be learning this year.


    1. I, am, the, little, a, to, have, is, like, my
    2. we, he, for, me with, she, see, look, they, you
    3. of, are, that, do, one, two, three, four, five, here
    4. go, from, yellow, green, blue, what, said, was, where, in
    5. can, love, it and, on, boy, no, your, girl, yes
    6. at, too, not, come, who, why, get, good, into, went
    7. had, run, so, her, up, under, jump, be, his, play
    8. eat, will, this, want, did, big, all, as, now, us
    9. behind, when, they, would, keep, we, could, who, out, away
    10. there, new, funny, make, out, book, dream, friend, library, found
    11. down, after, please, dear, know, seven, six, eight, ten, nine
    12. fourteen, eleven, fifteen, twelve, thirteen, eighteen, twenty, sixteen, nineteen, seventeen
    13. animal, walk, night, grow, air, fly, around, try, saw, buy
    14. grew, follow, those, over, high, another, sure, both, ate, pretty
    15. oh, cold, because, picture, help, gone, city, change, away, ate
    16. now, soon, people, don't, different, world, thought, young, always, sound
    17. again, house, together, follow, great, would, writing, family, work, sometimes

    You can practice words online at Spelling City! 
    It's a fun way to review the words by playing games. :)