• Picture of Words


    This page contains some of the sight words your child will be learning this year.


    1.   the, a, see, my, to, by, am, at, go, is
    2.   and, can, you, as, it, he, she, in, with, good
    3.   his, here, of, on, are, was, be, do, had, look
    4.   want, for, they, have, some, we, or, come, from, that
    5.   said, so, will, were, what, this, out, like, one, them
    6.   find, many, little, too, up, wants, your, eat, how, out
    7.   put, takes, who, all, down, her, now, saw, could, know
    8.   some, there, would, use, very, their, way, grow, where, why
    9.   into, no, other, people, worked, long, more, over, water, always
    10. hold, old, only, small, under, together, new, also, food, been
    11. got, job, seven, sure, close, cold, done, fire, front, life 
    12. name, times, answer, its, miss, then, until, young, bird, blue, 
    13. bring, fly, place, hand, king, land, sing, think, thing, across
    14. car, full, mountain, pull, push, spell, shall, these, while, afraid
    15. another, great, says, stay, feel, horse, tree, most, show, yellow

    You can practice words online at Spelling City! 
    It's a fun way to review the words by playing games. :)