This year we will be covering a lot of different things, from pantomime to Shakespeare, and costumes to lighting. I encourage all of you to check out my Drama Club tab for information on auditioning for the fall play. It's a great experience, even if you don't get cast the first time. It will better prepare you for your next audition as your skills improve. I also encourage all students to volunteer to work on the tech crews for the play and musical. You can earn points toward becoming a Thespian. Don't know what that is? Check out the Drama Club tab!
    Syllabus can be found on Canvas.
    Throughout the year students will refer to these questions on characters. Objectives contains motivation, objective, obstacle, etc. Background contains questions about your family and life before the scene.

    Performance Reports

    Students are required to attend the DVHS fall play and spring musical and write a performance report on each production. If finances are a problem, the student may make arrangements at the beginning of the semester to usher for a DVHS production and therefore attend free of charge. If scheduling is a problem, students can make arrangements to see another live theatrical performance. At least one report per semester must be written on a live theatrical (i.e. play or musical) performance. Examples of live theatrical performances are:

                1. A DVHS play or musical
                2. Another school’s play or musical
                3. A community play or musical
                4. A professional play or musical