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    Take a picture of this flier, and dine at Chipotle at 3009 W. Agua Fria Fwy on Wednesday between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. Show this flier to the cashier and Drama Club will receive 33% of the proceeds! 

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    Drama club meetings start soon after school and are finished no later than 3:30. They are held on Thursdays unless noted otherwise. Here are some other meeting dates:
    • September 9
    • September 23
    • October 7
    • October 20 (a Wednesday because of parent teacher conferences.)
    • November 4
    • November 18
    • December (to be determined)

    Arizona Thespian Festival

     The dates for festival this year are November 19-20.  Click below for more information. To reserve your spot, I need a $20 deposit and a completed 2021-2022 Chapter Consent and Acceptance form. You can get the forms at Drama Club or from Ms. Bell in room 312. The cost is $120 for most people, unless you are already an inducted Thespian or in my Stage Production class. It includes your registration and transportation for two days of Festival. Unfortunately this year it WILL NOT cover your lunch on Saturday.



    A Thespian is a member of the International Thespian Society. Any high school student who is involved in theatre, performance or tech, is eligible to earn points toward induction in this society. If you work at it, you may be able to earn enough points your freshman year!
    How can I become a Thespian? Just follow these three easy steps!

    1.    Attend drama club meetings regularly

    2.    Work on crews or perform in after school productions, DV’s or community theatre.
    3.    Fill out a Thespian point sheet at the appropriate drama club meetings.

    How do I earn Thespian points?

    1.    Work on a crew for a play. (Points determined by sponsor.)
    2.    Perform in an after-school DV or community production. (Points determined by sponsor.)
    3.    Attend a full-length play or musical and bring Ms. Bell the ticket or program. (One-half point)
    4.    Attend both days of Thespian Festival (Two points. You may NOT receive separate points for the shows you see there.) Not available in 2020.
    5.    Attend another type of festival. (Like the state One Act festival or leadership camp.)
    6.    Become a Drama Club Officer.

    How will I know when I have become eligible to become a Thespian?

    You will receive a notice from Ms. Bell once you have:

    1.    Accumulated 10 points on your Thespian point sheet.
    2.    Been verified as an active drama club member from the attendance sheets.
    3.    Been verified that you have earned points in at least TWO DIFFERENT AREAS. (For example: props, costumes, acting, lights, building, sound, publicity, usher, etc.)

    Why would I want to become a Thespian?

    1.    You receive a discount on Festival registration.
    2.    You may receive discounts on plays/musicals at DV and other high schools.
    3.    It is an International Honor Society, which looks good on your college application.
    4.    You can receive awards such as Honor Thespian, with a medallion you can wear at graduation.
    5.    There will be some activities where only Thespians are invited, or Thespians get first dibs on openings.