Dear Parents and Students,


    I would like to welcome everyone to a year of FUN in Physical Education (P.E.). My number one goal is to develop positive attitudes towards a Lifetime Commitment and Enjoyment to Fitness and Sport. The P.E. program consists of activities that encourage physical fitness through team sports, recreational sports and fun fitness activities. The focus will be not only on performing the motor skills, but also on knowledge, teamwork and sportsmanship.

    If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email us. Iforward to a fun and healthy year in P.E. 



    Coach Knope

    #602-467-6362 or email at Angela.Knope@dvusd.org



    Please takea moment to read through the guidelines of the P.E. Program


    P.E. RULES

    The studentsin P.E. are expected to “Be Classy”


    • Show respect with words and actions to classmates, teachers and equipment.
    • Show amazing SPORTSMANSHP by being a “Good Sport” no matter if you win or lose.


    • Listen and follow the daily instructions
    • Follow P.E. and school rules
    • On task during individual or group activities



    ·        Use equipment properly

    ·        Follow rules of the game/activity

    ·        Wear proper footwear (No boots, sandals, Crocs, Heelys or heeled shoes)


      • Wear proper P.E. clothes and shoes to exercise
      • Participate and give your best effort in
    ALL activities  



    If the student chooses not to follow the rules, a variety of consequences could occur.

    ·        Verbal Warning

    ·        Sit-Out from activity or “Cool Down” walks around the field.

    ·        Writing Assignment

    ·        Buddy Classroom

    ·        Parent Phone Call, Email or P.E. Note home

    ·        After school or Lunch Detention

    ·        Referral to the Principal



    Each student will receive an individual Achievement grade and a Citizenship/Conduct grade. A student’s Achievement grade is based on the daily P.E. objectives and the Arizona State Physical Education Standards.

    The student’s Citizenship/Conduct grade is based on:

    Listens attentively

    Follows directions

    Stays on task

    Works well independently

    Functions as a group member

    Prepares for class (proper shoes)

    Completes work in a timely manner

    Respects authority

    Follows school/P.E. rules

    Respects the rights/property of others




    Two students each week will be chosen as “P.E. Students of the Week” based on a drawing from earning a Viking Voucher during P.E. class. At the end of each quarter, two students in each class will be given a “P.E. Quarterly Award” for demonstrating outstanding behavior, sportsmanship and effort. Class Points are given daily on a scale of 0 to 5. The top two classrooms with the highest daily average at the end of each quarter will receive a certificate for “P.E. Class of the Quarter.”




    A parent may write a note for their child’s participation to be limited or excused for that day. If the child is to be withheld from P.E. for longer than a week, a written note from a doctor should be brought to the nurse and the P.E. teacher.




    Your child may bring a water bottle to P.E. class or may purchase one for 50 cents. (Gatorade will not be allowed in the gym.)




    Keep an eye out for information that will be going home throughout the school year about the following special events that will be taking place: Field Day, Reindeer Run, Jump Rope Heart Club, Pacer Test Run, etc.