The students in P.E. are expected to be:



    • Show respect with words and actions to classmates, teachers and equipment.
    • Show amazing SPORTSMANSHP by being a “Good Sport” no matter if you win or lose.


    • Listen and follow the daily instructions
    • Follow P.E. and school rules
    • On task during individual or group activities



    ·        Use equipment properly

    ·        Follow rules of the game/activity

    ·        Wear proper footwear (No boots, sandals, Crocs, Heelys or heeled shoes)


    • Wear proper P.E. clothes and shoes to exercise
    • Participate and give your best effort in

    ALL activities

    • Positive attitude to learn



    If the student chooses not to follow the rules, a variety of consequences could occur.

    ·         Verbal Warning

    ·         Sit-Out from activity or “Cool Down” walks around the field.

    ·         Writing Assignment

    ·         Buddy Classroom

    ·         Parent Phone Call, Email or P.E. Note home

    ·         Referral to the Principal


    GRADING (K-6th)

    Each student will receive an individual Achievement grade and a Citizenship/Conduct grade. A student’s Achievement grade is based on the daily P.E. objectives and the Arizona State Physical Education Standards.


    The student’s Citizenship/Conduct grade is based on:

    Listens attentively

    Follows directions

    Stays on task

    Works well independently

    Functions as a group member

    Prepares for class (proper shoes)

    Completes work in a timely manner

    Respects authority

    Follows school/P.E. rules

    Respects the rights/property of others