STAGE PRODUCTION (StagePro) is a full year course covering the varying elements of careers in technical theatre. Since this is a CTE course, students will be encouraged to join our CTSO, Arizona Thespians.

    The class syllabus can be found in the files on Canvas. Please note that outside hours are required for this class. Although we will be flexible first semester due to online school.
    Each student is usually required to see a live theatrical production once per semester and write a report analyzing it. Due to Covid, students will be allowed to stream a performance online. This should NOT be a movie version, but a recording of a play or musical. A paper with all the requirements for the report will be distributed in class.
    The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, or I.A.T.S.E., is a labor union representing over 119,000 technicians, artisans and craftspersons in the entertainment industry, including live theatre, motion picture and television production and trade shows. Explore the following link for more information. http://iatse.net/