A copy of the syllabus can be found in your files on Canvas.
    Don't forget to check out the 'Fall Play' tab for info on auditions and the 'Drama Club' tab for meeting dates!
    Frequently you are required to develop your character's background. If you are absent and need the questions from the book, they are below.
    Performance Reports
    Students are required to attend two live, theatrical performances each SEMESTER, and write a performance report on each production. Due to Covid, students will be allowed to stream a performance online. This should NOT be a movie version, but a recording of a play or musical. Two reports per semester must be written on a live theatrical (i.e. play or musical) performance. Examples of live theatrical performances are:

                1. A DVHS play or musical
                2. Another school’s play or musical
                3. A community play or musical
                4. A professional play or musical 
                5. Many students attend the Arizona Thespian Festival in the fall and see their two first semester shows at that time. 
    All reports must be turned in by the end of November and the end of April, so you may NOT wait until the last minute and write it on a final exam one act. 

    PERFORMANCE GRADE: Students participate in public performances of one-act plays, so mark your calendar with the dates as soon as they are announced. This year they will be virtual for at least the first semester.