• English Language Arts 3-4 

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    Select: 2005

    Level: E

    User: Student

    Course Description:

    This course introduces world literature and its geographic, ethnic, and historic influences. Students will develop skills in reading, writing, language, speaking and listening. Students will read at least two outside reading novels per semester.

    This course is aligned with the Arizona College and Career Readiness State Standards.

    Course Goals & Objectives:

    The goals for English Language Arts are:

    • To improve each student’s reading fluency and comprehension skills
    • To increase research skills using legitimate sources
    • To be able to use researched information effectively
    • To be able to write and speak with increased sophistication
    • To be able to present information in a variety of formats

    We will use a systems-based approach to learning, which allows students to know what is expected of them, and encourages students to be knowledgeable about their own progress in reaching each academic goal.