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Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. in English Education, NAU; ADE Certified

Mrs. Sarah Vecera

Hi! My name is Sarah Vecera, and I am teaching Freshman level English (1-2), including Honors, at Deer Valley  High School.  I attended school in the Deer Valley Unified School District from first grade until I graduated in 2006 from Mountain Ridge High School.  After graduating from Northern Arizona University in December of 2010, I moved back to Phoenix and have been working at Deer Valley High School ever since (2011-12 school year).  I am very passionate about my job, and I work hard to make sure my students are prepared for the next year in their educational journey.  As a result, I push my students hard to achieve results so that by the end of their time with me, they can handle anything their next English teacher (or starter job) might throw at them.
This page is meant to be a tool for students and parents to use to check up on class activities, homework, and agendas.  Please take time at the beginning of the semester to familiarize yourself with its layout.  Below are a couple of frequently asked questions.
Late work is accepted until a week past the end of the current unit. For example, if we take the unit test or turn in the unit project on Friday, the latest you can turn in a missing worksheet, assignment, or writing challenge from that unit is the following Friday. I do not accept late work for missing long-term assignments (assignments that students had over three weeks to complete).  Students need to learn to be responsible for their own education.  Your future boss won't accept that "you forgot" to do your job or show up to work, or "you didn't feel like it at the time"!  And trust me, as you get to know me, you will see that I never show up to class without my lesson plans (which is MY homework!). As you'll find out, even if something isn't working, I have a back-up plan to keep you busy and learning! I expect the same effort I put into my job to be put into yours!
Please remember that when you sign up for Extra-Curricular Activities, you are agreeing to keeping up with your school work as well as your other responsibilities.  This is why they are called EXTRA-curricular, not INSTEAD-OF-curricular.  This policy is supported by the Deer Valley High School policy, as well as the District's policy.

If your child needs additional help in their reading, writing, listening or speaking skills, I will be available after school to help them improve.  Students can schedule an appointment with me for that time, or request a Student Enrichment Time (SET) pass to utilize that time to work on their language skills.

Sarah Vecera
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Classroom Phone; (602)467-6858