• Curriculum
    In our teaching and learning, we will be guided by the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards (AZCCRS).
    into Reading is differentiated by design to offer a balanced approach to literacy instruction.  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) into Reading was built from the ground up to leverage the latest in literacy research to ensure every student has access to a proven path to success.
    Eureka Math is our Common Core based math program.  Students will be participating in fact practices for fluency, concept development and problem solving.  During this time, students will be encouraged to discuss their solutions and strategies in order to gain deeper understanding.
    into Reading incorporates Writing Workshops which turn readers into writers!  Authentic literature focal texts kick off every module of writing.  Students will learn the basics of writing conventions as they analyze writer's craft, explore various genres, and grow in mastery.  
    We will be learning about matter and energy, the Earth and sky, and organisms.
    Social Studies
    We will focus our learning on why it's important to learn about the past.  We will explore how geography helps us understand our world, how we get what we want and need, why we need a government, and how people make a difference in our world.