• Fifth Grade Supplies
    Arizona Law requires that public schools provide supplies required for academic success.  This list includes the "extras" - items that are neither required nor provided by the school. 

    Please let your child know that some of these items will be for the entire class to share and will be collected and stored for future use.  All personal supplies will stay in student backpacks as we rotate. Bulk items can be stored in the classroom ie. (paper towels, kleenex, glue)
     HLS 5th Grade Supply List
    Teacher Wish List for 5th Grade:
    These are just some items that would be very helpful:

     Rubbing Alcohol (for cleaning white board)
    Paper Towels
    Hand Sanitizer 
    Colored Card Stock
    Colored Copy Paper
    White Copy Paper
    Treasure Box Items (small toys/candy/etc.)
    Clorox Wipes