Degrees and Certifications:

Highly Qualified and Certified 9-12 English Highly Qualified and Certified K-8 General Education English Language Arts Highly Qualified and Certified K-12 Special Education Reading Specialist English as a Second Language Middle School English Language Arts Endorsement Middle School Math Endorsement Middle School Social Studies Endorsement Candidate for National Board Certified Teacher Pathways Educator Middle School English Language Arts Department Leader 2012 - 2019 Demonstration Classroom of Excellence 2016 Deer Valley Teacher of the Year 2004 Professionally Recognized Special Educator Council for Exceptional Children

Mrs. Deborah Johnson

Thank you for stopping by to read a bit about me:  This is the start of my 29th year of teaching!  Virtual teaching the last quarter of the 2019-2020 school year along with teaching Pathways Night School really expanded my tech skills.  While the experiences were challenging, I did learn more about how to use technology and about my own level of perseverence!  Over the past 28 years, I've been very blessed to have taught English Language Arts at all ability levels from 7th grade to Seniors.  I'll be teaching Junior Level English Language Arts this year while also working toward National Board Certification.
All of my life, I have been an avid reader and along the way I've developed other loves as well.  I am very passionate about my family - they mean everything to me.  My husband and I met while we were in college and shortly after getting married, we moved here to Arizona from Chicago, IL.  Our children are talented, caring, smart, silly and just amazing.  In order to keep track of all of their accomplishments and our daily lives, I scrapbook.  Oh, yes!  I scrapbook!!!  I have always been an "artsy-fartsy" type of person - my mom taught me how to sew, cook and appreciate crafting and art.  She was the "art lady" when I was in school and would bring a painting or sculpture to school and do an "art talk" about the piece.  I still remember some of the paintings she showed us.  She was also my Girl Scouts leader so more craftiness there!

As a family, we have done many things together including traveling, sports, crafts, laughter as well as sharing the day-to-day "stuff" of life and because of this, I have almost no time on my hands.  Therefore, television viewing is not part of my day - in fact, I have not watched television in more than twenty years.  Mr. Johnson, MRHS Athletic Equipment Manager,  is always out and about and you can find him on the athletic fields and in "the garage" handling all of the sports equipment for all of our teams.  Our son is a General Manager for Smashburger and our daughter, will continue her quest for a degree in Marine Biology in Northern California.   
Let this new journey begin!