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    Mrs. Carmen Marcus
    Hillcrest Middle School
    8th Grade Spanish Teacher
    Room 704


    Email: carmen.marcus@dvusd.org
    website: https://www.dvusd.org/hm-marcus

     2020-2021 Syllabus for Español 1-2      

     Course Description:

    Spanish 1-2 is a first-year introductory program aimed at preparing students to communicate in Spanish at a novice fluency level. Students will converse with others, express their own ideas in writing, and read and understand what others have written. The course follows a communicative approach to language learning that emphasizes developing proficiency and communicative competency in all four-language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In addition to helping students to acquire the Spanish language, the course also helps prepare them to interact socially and professionally with native Spanish speakers by helping them understand the cultural products, practices and perspectives of the Spanish-speaking world, the cultural norms of these diverse societies, and their growing importance in the global community.

    Spanish 1-2 is a full year course that is taught at the same pace as high school. Spanish 1 will be completed in the fall and Spanish 2 in the spring. The study of Spanish will help students understand and appreciate their own language and culture as well as the language and cultures of Spanish-speaking people. As an added advantage, studies show that learning a foreign language increases scores on college entrance tests. Speaking Spanish will also help students in the workplace. This course is aligned with Arizona College and Career Ready Standards and national standards and supports the school wide efforts to increase student achievement.

    Course Objectives:

    By the time the students complete this course of study, they will be able to:

    1. Meet and greet others, introduce people, describe themselves and others, talk about their school, their class schedule, courses and teachers, activities they do on campus, and talk    about what they are doing right now, as well as other present events.

    2. Prepare for and participate effectively in a range of conversations and collaborations with diverse partners, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively (9-10.SL.1) with the following topics:

    A.  Discuss present and past events, give opinions, talk about how they feel in different situations, discuss preferences and wishes, and talk about the future.

    B.  Express likes and dislikes, express to whom and for whom they do something, get information by asking questions, answer questions affirmatively and negatively, and tell        someone to do something.

    C.  Communicate in daily-life interactions: tell time, count to 100 and do simple math, ask for and give prices, order and pay for food, make simple comparisons, talk about what and who they know, and discuss health, well-being and emotions.

    3.  Describe and elaborate: weekly and daily schedules, trips and traveling, special holidays and parties, what they eat and drink, their favorite restaurant, where they live, clothing and shopping, family relationships, their age and birthday, a person’s nationality, personality traits and conditions, and the weather.

    4.  Read in Spanish and determine a central idea of a text and provide an objective summary of the text. (9-10.RI.2)

    5.  Begin to write informative/explanatory texts to examine and convey ideas, concepts, and information clearly and accurately. (9-10.W.2)

    Classroom Rules & Consequences:

    1. Respect fellow students, teachers, school personnel, and property.
    2. Participate in class. Speak Spanish, pay attention, stay on task and use technology appropriately.
    3. Be prepared and abide by all school and district policies. Be positive and supportive!
    4. Drink bottled water only; no food, gum, or drinks.
    5. Follow procedures both in-person and online. (mute mic, allow one person to speak at a time, camera on, raise hand) 
    6. Personal cell phones must remain in your respective backpack in silence mode or off.
    7. Report to class on time. Please follow the schedule.

                              The HMS School-Wide Prevention Program 


    Our progressive discipline is based on the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Response to Intervention – Behavior (RTI-B) program.

    Students are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times. Specific guidelines are outlined in the DVUSD Student Rights and Responsibility (SR & R) Handbook. The school rules apply coming to school, going home from school, and at all school-sponsored events. General misbehavior is handled by the classroom teacher in the following manner:


    The following discipline procedures will be implemented consistently across campus.

    Step 1: Universal Interventions (Warnings/Redirection)

    Step 2: 1st Minor Incident Report with Interventions

    Step 3: 2nd Minor Incident Report with Interventions and Parent Email

    Step 4: 3rd Minor Incident Report with Interventions and Parent Phone Call

    Step 5: Major Behavior Referral 

    Consequences for inappropriate behavior will be given according to the DVUSD discipline guidelines as outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibility (SRR) Handbook.



    18 Week Grade:

    Semester Grade:

    A = 90%-100%

    Percentages are not

    Homework/Classwork – 20%

    18 weeks – 80%

    B = 80%-89%

    rounded up

    Participation– 20%

    Final Exam – 20%

    C = 70%- 79%


    Tests/Quizzes– 40%


    D = 60% - 69%




    F = below 60%



    The student will ONLY be awarded points for homework that is entirely complete. Work products will be turned in, graded and returned or will be checked for completion then self-checked at the discretion of the teacher. This is to ensure that the student attempts all assignments to the best of his/her ability and seeks out help as needed. I am available for academic assistance if needed. There are no extra credit opportunities. 

    Retake policy: A student may have one retake opportunity on a unit assessment to earn a better grade, up to full credit. A different assessment that covers the same standards may be provided for the retake in lieu of the initial assessment. Students are eligible to retake one unit exam if they have completed all of the assignments and practice work in the unit prior to the retake.  Quizzes will occur frequently to gauge students’ learning. Students may not retake quizzes because they are open book. 

    We strive to speak Spanish only in class. Students will be expected to be fully engaged which includes speaking in Spanish and listening to Spanish throughout the class. Participation includes demonstration of interest and maintaining a positive attitude through active participation in class activities, discussions, and pair/group activities. Students are expected to formulate questions and to respond frequently during class in individual, pairs, small groups and whole class activities. 

    Procedures for Course Withdrawal:

    Any student, regular, (H), (AP), or (IB), who withdraws from a class after the first fifteen (15) days of the semester, but before the end of the tenth (10) week will receive a grade of WP or WF. Requests for class withdrawals will not be processed after the tenth (10) week of the semester. WP or WF grades will be posted on a student’s transcript but not factored into GPA or class ranking. Students who have earned high school credit will be provided with a Deer Valley Unified School Transcript if withdrawing from Deer Valley Unified School District.

    Absences: Daily attendance is crucial for academic success. 

    Make-up Policy:  Following district policy, students may make up work for credit if an absence is excused. If the absence is unexcused, no credit will be awarded for work that was done in class or due on that day. Students have one day for each day missed in which to complete missing work (including tests and quizzes) regardless of the number of days absent. If a student is absent an extended period, please schedule an appointment with me to formulate a plan for the completion of make-up work. Any student swept and wanting credit for an assignment missed must turn in the assignment the same day that they are swept. Every student is also responsible for getting the next day’s assignment on the day that he/she is swept. 

    Virtual/Online- A student will be marked late/tardy if they enter the Zoom session late or disengages/leaves the class early. Students are strongly encouraged to complete work and submit it on time in order to be more successful.  A student needing additional time to complete work should communicate with the teacher regarding the situation. All students will adhere to the DVUSD Student Norms in a Virtual Learning Environment and to the DVUSD Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. 

    Power School Online Access:

    Grades and attendance may be accessed 24 hours a day online with your Power School access code. Access codes are available in the Administration office Monday through Friday 7:30-4:00. You must provide picture ID to be issued a code.

    Extra Help: **Please have student inform the teacher ahead of time to make sure there are no schedule conflicts. Mandatory meetings, character lessons, Hillcrest Happenings and/or Announcements may coincide with these hours.  Students should check the posted hours in class for the most up-to-date information. This schedule is for when we return to brick and mortar teaching. While on distance learning, a block of time will be built into our zoom scheduled time.

    I am available during Block A Academic Prep 3rd AP 12:00 to 12:30P.M. and during Block B Academic Prep 1st AP 10:15 to 10:45A.M.

    Teacher may be contacted at:

    Email: Carmen.marcus@dvusd.org 

    Phone: 623-376-3363

    Website: http://www.dvusd.org/hm-marcus 

    Suggested Materials: -A notebook, a folder, index cards, glue stick, scissors, pencils, red pens, colored pencils, mask, personal hand sanitizer, personal kleenex, and earbuds/headphones are materials that will be helpful.  “Arizona law requires that public schools provide supplies required for academic success. This list represents optional, supplemental items, which you may supply, at your own discretion. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your school.”

    The following donations are always greatly appreciated!  Thank you for supporting our class!

    Period 1:  1 box of tissue/1 roll of paper towels

    Period 2:  hand sanitizer/ disinfectant wipes

    Period 3: 1 box tissue/1 roll of paper towels

    Period 4:  1 box of tissue/1 roll of paper towels

    Period 5:  hand sanitizer/disinfectant wipes

    Period 6:  hand sanitizer/disinfectant wipes 

    Plagiarism Policy:

    Per page 63 of the DVUSD Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook located in the DVUSD website, Plagiarism is defined as “To steal and pass off the ideas or words of another as one’s own.” Plagiarized material will not be awarded credit. Hence, the use of “Google translate” or any other translation tool is considered plagiarism. It will result in a grade of zero on the assignment, and may result in additional school consequences. 

    ACTIVITIES: This class requires active participation! Students will participate in class and small-group activities such as games, interviews, conversations and skits. Students will also be expected to do written work which may include racing at the board, map work, grammar and vocabulary exercises, memorization, reports, and extended writing. Other activities may include watching videos, listening to guest speakers, and participating in cultural events on campus. 

    Technology: Because we are becoming a technology rich campus, we are expanding the use of technology as a learning tool. Electronic devices will be increasingly integrated into the curriculum to reinforce critical thinking, collaboration, and cognitive engagement. I will designate during which activities students may use their school issued Chromebook and I will articulate how the device should be used appropriately. If a violation of the stipulated use occurs, consequences will be enforced in accordance with the Hillcrest Middle School Student Handbook. 

    The Spanish 1-2 textbook series, homework/practice activities, quizzes, and tests are available online. Students are encouraged to access their required course materials anywhere the internet is available including our Hillcrest Middle School Media Center and our computer lab.

    SPECIAL NOTE: Spanish is both a skill and an academic class. Learning to communicate in Spanish is like learning to play basketball or the piano. Only by doing it correctly does one improve, and improvement depends on effort!


    Spanish 1-2 2020-2021 Syllabus Agreement



    Please read the syllabus for this course carefully. You and a parent/guardian must sign this form and turn in to me by the Monday, Aug. 10th. This is your FIRST homework assignment!


    I have read and understand all of the guidelines set forth in the syllabus for this class.


    Student Printed Name____________________________________       Class Period ________



    Student Signature_______________________________________



    Parent/Guardian Signature____________________________________             Date______________




    Videos, films and Other Recorded Materials Permission Slip 


    Videos, films and other recorded materials are an integral part of the World Language class curriculum.

    My son/daughter has my permission to view and/or listen to the following video and audio resources in the target language during the 2020-2021 school year: 

    • G and PG rated materials in the target language (including but not limited to Families of Puerto Rico, Rock & Learn Spanish, Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands, Argentina, Cuba, Wishbone: Mexican Legends, Mexico, Puerto Rico, The Rise & Fall of the Aztecs, Latin America, El Cuarto Misterioso, The Frescoes of Diego Rivera, Maya Temples, Tombs, & Time, Great Reasons to Learn Spanish, Music of Latin America, Our Mexican-American Musical Heritage)                                                                                                                      
    • Children’s’ videos in the target language (including Cars, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Hola Amigos, Coco, Clásicos del Dr. Seuss, Clásicos de P.D. Eastman)


    • Clips of recorded conversations in the target language (including estudio.quia.com)


    • Recorded music in the target language (including youtube.com and senor ashby.com)


    • Ancillary online resources in the target language


    • Appropriately rated (TVPG or lower) ancillary television clips in the target language



    Grades 8


    Videos, films and other taped materials rated PG/PG13 (parental guidance) may be viewed at school, but they must be:


    • an integral part of the class curriculum.
    • approved by your administrator prior to viewing.
    • approved by parent/guardian.
    • each student must have a signed “Student Video Parent/Guardian Permission Form” on file, noting permission for each PG or PG13 video.



    ______________________________________________has my permission to view school appropriate

    (Please Print) Student’s Name                                                                            


    materials listed above with the ratings G, PG, and PG13 (ratings listed above) during the

    2020-2021 school year, per the above mentioned guidelines.



    _____________________________________________ Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature          _________________________  Date