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    Welcome to Ms. McCarthy's History courses website.

    There are no weekly virtual class meetings for this course. To schedule a meeting to go over assignments, content and grades use the Calendly link in the course announcements.

    *For summer courses, check the announcements for weekly Zoom office hours.

    The best way to contact me is though Canvas Messenger. When communicating, please provide specific details including assignment name/project titles. When you are creating your communication, please use proper formatting, such as an appropriate greeting, complete sentences, detailed content and a closing salutation. (Examples: Dear Ms. McCarthy, Have a pleasant day....)

    GroupWise should only be used by parents and if a student needs to communicate about an emergency. Usually, I am in Canvas all day, so I see Canvas Messenger before I see GroupWise emails.

    During normal school hours, I will be grading assignments and working on updating Canvas. This means that I will be accessible virtually through Canvas Messenger and Zoom. Sometimes I check my Canvas Messenger in the evening hours, as I know that some students are more active in the afternoon and evening hours. 

    Being a virtual school, I see Zoom meetings as the same as if you raised your hand in class. The meetings are easy to set up, and they give you one on one time with me to answer questions and go over content. I love to meet with my students to help with assignments.

    I am available to meet:

    • In person at the new Innovation Center, Aspire's campus (by the district office) (not in the summer)
    • During open lab days and times (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 12 pm - 6 pm) (there are no open labs in the summer)
    • Virtually on Zoom

    Open labs: The computer lab at Aspire is from 12 pm to 6 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The lab will be staffed by 2 Aspire teachers who will be available to help with assignments. I will post in the class announcements when I am scheduled to staff the open lab. The lab has 16 desktop computer stations and is a quiet place to work. If your Internet access becomes unavailable, you may come to the Innovation Center for free WiFi.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions about the courses or technology issues. If I do not know the answer, I will do my best to find the person or resources that do. 

Last Modified on May 20, 2024