• Arizona Physical Education Standards
    K-12 Academic Standards<http://www.azed.gov/> 
    The official website of the Arizona State Department of Education. 
    We are now on Virtual learning due to COVID-19 and school closure.
    Please follow Hillcrest Campus-wide Virtual learning rules/expectations posted on the Hillcrest website. 
    Thank you.
    Coach Mokogwu "Coach M" Classroom/P.E. Expectations and routine. 
    Punctuality and Readiness. 
     *Be in the locker room before the bell.
     *Dress out. Red, Grey or White T. Shirt with BLACK or RED Shorts. Wear tennis shoes.
    *No yelling, using the phone, or taking pictures in the locker room.
    *Go to your assigned area. while waiting, NO RECKLESS BEHAVIOR.
    *Stand in alphabetical order for roll call.
    *No SHOUTING GREETINGS to friends or staff during roll call and activities.
    *Restroom use will be one at a time. First come, first serve-5 minutes.
    Physical Education Classroom setting-Follow directions during classroom Whole class, small group/individual instructions, and activities.
    Participation in PHYSICAL EDUCATION Activities. 
    *Follow warm-up directions/format
    *No talking during game instruction/lesson.
    *Raise your hand for permission to speak during instruction/lesson.
    *Follow game rules and show good sportsmanship.
    *ACTIVE PARTICIPATION. No hanging out.
    *Report all incidents and accidents to me.
    All activities will stop 5 minutes before class in order to:
    *Discuss feedback
    *Ask questions
    *Report incidents
    *Water break
    *Clean up.
    *Grading is based on participation, effort, and possible written tests. This includes dress out, listening, following directions, and completion of daily objectives. There are 4 points per day. To receive full credit, the student must dress out and fully participate.
    * Follow all the Progressive Behavior Intervention steps and all rules from Hillcrest Student Rights and Responsibilities Discipline Handbook.
    *During Fire drills, lockdown, Lockout, Shelter in place and evacuation drills, follow immediate directions. GO to the location, NO talking.
    4th Hour AP TIME- Academic Preparation Time. 
    2 minutes BE KIND video/Hillcrest Happenings/MAP
    AP Intervention/MIT/MAP.
    AP Interventions/MAP
    AP Interventions/MIT/MAP
     BE KIND Activities.